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LastFirstTitleResearch Area
3/1/21DwivediDipankarTest Print Highlight
7/6/18CarrollRosemaryFactors Controlling Seasonal Groundwater and Solute Flux from Snow-Dominated Basins into StreamsWatershed Sciences (Formerly Subsurface Biogeochemical Research)
2/7/18HaoZhaoMachine Learning Aids Understanding of Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneity of Shale Materials
8/24/18GrahamEmily B.New Approach for Studying How Microbes Influence Their Environment
6/17/19ChenXingyuanAssessing Sources of Uncertainty in Predictions from a Reactive Transport Model
4/23/19ChenXingyuanNew Model Shows Hydrologic Exchange is Primarily Controlled by the Thickness of Permeable Sediments along the River Bank
2/4/21ScheibeTimothyMulti-Omics Data are Key to Advancing Reactive Transport Models
6/1/19LiuHepingImproving Measurements of CO2 Fluxes from LandscapesSubsurface Biogeochemical Research [Watershed Hydrology]
4/10/19BaoJieNew Model Enables Scientists to Predict Hydrologic Exchange Fluxes at River Reach Scale
8/1/19HouZhangshuanRiverbed Sediment Types are Key for Understanding Biogeochemical Processes in Watersheds
1/30/19FangZhufengStreamflow Partitioning and Transit Time Distribution in Snow-Dominated Basins as a Function of ClimateSubsurface Biogeochemical Research [Watershed Hydrology]
5/28/19CarrollRosemary CarrollMechanisms of Groundwater Recharge in a Snowmelt-Dominated Headwater Basin
6/17/19FalcoNicolaUsing Remote Sensing to Determine the Relationship Between Soil Conditions and Plant CommunitiesSubsurface Biogeochemical Research [Watershed Hydrology]
5/29/19BanfieldJillianMajor New Microbial Groups Expand Diversity and Understanding of the Tree of LifeSubsurface Biogeochemical Research [Watershed Hydrology]
5/29/19BanfieldJillianInsights into the Ecology, Evolution, and Metabolism of Woesearchaeotal LineagesWatershed Sciences (Formerly Subsurface Biogeochemical Research)
2/3/21BanfieldJillianRecovery of Genomes from Complex Environmental Samples is Greatly Improved using a Novel Analytics Tool
9/15/19DwivediDipankarAbiotic and Biotic Controls on Soil Organo–Mineral Interactions
2/20/20BargarJohnRedox Interfaces Can Produce Toxic Arsenic Levels in Groundwater from Low Arsenic-Abundance Sediments
8/14/20FrancisChrisMicrobial Communities in Floodplain Soils Remain Unchanged Throughout Seasonal Redox and Water Table Flux
7/8/19WainwrightHarukoNew Insights into Contaminant Mobility Under Increased and Extreme Precipitation
6/20/20BanfieldJillianHydrogen-Based Metabolism as an Ancestral Trait in Phyla Related to the CyanobacteriaWatershed Sciences