The National Virtual Climate Laboratory Portal


Brandi Gamelin* ([email protected]), Cristina Negri


Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL


BER is supporting the National Virtual Climate Laboratory (NVCL) portal to allow those who have a stake in the climate crisis to access the capabilities, research, and facilities that reside in DOE national laboratories and user facilities. The portal is designed to be transparent, agile, content-rich, and user friendly and to enable more efficient engagement with DOE’s science and technology. The portal will also enhance the national laboratory system’s relationships with and visibility to educational organizations, in particular minority-serving institutions (MSIs) by offering insights into research activities that could provide collaborative opportunities and pathways to training and career development to build a next-generation climate workforce. The NVCL portal has three major objectives: (1) centralize climate research information conducted at the national laboratories on BER’s Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division (2) institute a well-curated, easily accessible, plain-language inventory of DOE facilities, projects, and BER news related to climate research that will be available for students, scientists, faculty and other interested entities; and (3) facilitate strong collaborations between the national laboratories and interested organizations, especially MSIs. The overarching goal is to broaden the understanding of research activities and facilitate the design and development of internship and training programs. The portal will be updated continuously as a living document.