Artificial Intelligence for the Methane Cycle Workshop | March 2024

Understanding and Predictability of Integrated Mountain Hydroclimate Workshop | April 2023

Artificial Intelligence for Earth System Predictability (AI4ESP) Workshop | September 2022

Interagency Workshop on Integrated Hydro-Terrestrial Modeling | September 2020
A multi-agency workshop by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Geological Survey

Open Watershed Science by Design Workshop | October 2019

Disturbance and Vegetation Dynamics in Earth System Models Workshop | November 2018

Research Priorities to Incorporate Terrestrial-Aquatic Interfaces in Earth System Models Workshop | June 2017

Towards a Shared ESS Cyberinfrastructure Workshop | October 2016

Expanding the Use of Plant Trait Observations and Ecological Theory in Earth System Models Workshop | May 2016

Office of Science Workshop on Environmental Management | February 2016

Building a Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental System Science Workshop | November 2015

BER Molecular Science Challenges Workshop | April 2015

Building Virtual Ecosystems: Computational Challenges for Mechanistic Modeling of Terrestrial Environments Workshop | February 2015

DOE Water-Energy Nexus Workshop | June 2014

Data-Model Needs for Belowground Ecology Mini-Workshop | May 2014

Scaling Root Processes: Global Impacts Workshop | November 2013

Research Priorities for Tropical Ecosystems Under Climate Change Workshop | October 2012

Community Modeling and Long-Term Predictions of the Integrated Water Cycle Workshop | September 2012

GOAmazon2014 Workshop | July 2011

Climate Change Experiments in High-Latitude Ecosystems Workshop | October 2010

Complex Systems Science for Subsurface Fate and Transport Workshop | March 2010

Exploring Science Needs for the Next Generation of Climate Change and Elevated-CO2Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems Workshop | June 2008