ESS Cyberinfrastructure Working Groups

A framework to enable and enhance model interoperability and intercomparisons, guide ESS database directions, and enhance model-data integration and modeling validation.

The ESS Cyberinfrastructure Working Groups (ESS CI WGs; are developing a community-driven approach to address common challenges in data collection, management, and publishing tools and workflows, along with a wide range of model-data integration, model setup, simulation, intercomparison, and analysis workflows.

To explore and address these challenges the ESS CI WGs consist of four working groups:

  • Data Management
  • Model-Data Integration
  • Software Engineering and Interoperability
  • Computing Infrastructure (new group as of 2022)

In addition to focusing on the immediate challenges within ESS, these working groups facilitate interactions and collaborations with members of the broader community outside of DOE.  Ultimately, the working groups strive to enable all ESS projects, large or small, University- or DOE-led, to use common cyberinfrastructure tools and workflows in a culture of Open Science.