Advertised Jobs in the ESS Research Community

Below is a list of job postings from the ESS research community. If you’re managing an ESS-funded project, submit job openings to add to this list.

Listings are submitted by outside individuals and are not vetted. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Biological and Environmental Research Program (BER) does not play a role in selecting candidates, nor does DOE BER guarantee the accuracy of information within the list.

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Jobs and Careers FAQs

What opportunities are available for teachers and students?

The DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) supports the preparation of a future workforce in science and technology through a suite of programs targeting tomorrow’s science and technology experts and the educators teaching them.

How can I get a job working on an ESS-funded science project?

ESS funds science at universities and national laboratories around the country. Each of these individual entities hire their own researchers, students, and post-docs. There is no single clearinghouse listing of all these jobs. You will need to contact each individual university or national laboratory to secure job placement at their institution.

One of the best ways to find which institutions have ESS researchers who are studying topics you might be interested in is to browse the annual ESS Principal Investigator (PI) Abstracts page.  Click on any year to see the abstracts book and a searchable and sortable table of all funded abstracts from that year.  For example, look at the 2023 PI meeting page where you can download the the 2023 abstracts book. Notice that the book is organized by topic and PI and institution are listed for each abstract. This contact information is a good starting point for your job search.

How can I find a list of federal government job openings?

For a list of available federal government jobs, visit USA Jobs.

What are national laboratories? How can I get a job working at a DOE Office of Science national laboratory?

DOE supports nearly 32,000 researchers at more than 300 research institutions and 17 DOE laboratories. U.S. national laboratories are funded by DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration. The DOE Office of Science stewards 10 of the 17 DOE national laboratories.

Office of Science national laboratories address the world’s most-challenging scientific problems, supporting innovation from America’s brightest minds, across multiple disciplines. Office of Science national laboratories host a suite of scientific user facilities that provide the broad scientific community with world-leading research capabilities—from physics, materials science, and chemistry to genomics and medicine.

DOE Office of Science National Laboratories