NGEE-Arctic Project Transfer of Datasets, Model Products, and Digital Object Identifier Ownership Developed in Phase 1–3 to the ESS-DIVE Long-Term Repository


Terri Velliquette1* ([email protected]), Hannah Blanco1, Madison Burrus3, Michael Crow1, Joan Damerow3, Susan Heinz1, Drew Huitt2, Deb Agarwal3, Colleen Iversen1


1Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN; 2DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Washington, DC; 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA



NGEE-Arctic will finish the third phase of the project at the end of FY24 with a deliverable of transferring all the NGEE-Arctic project archive datasets to the ESS-DIVE repository for long-term archive and management of Earth and environmental science data. In October 2022, the Data Management Team (DMT) presented a close out timeline to the project team based on quarterly accomplishments with the goal of publishing all current, public NGEE-Arctic data packages and model products to ESS-DIVE by the end of calendar year 2023. There is a concurrent effort to finalize and release to the public any dataset or model product that is currently shared with the team only. For future time and effort planning purposes, the DMT developed a backlog inventory spreadsheet being populated by the researchers to identify datasets in preparation for submission.

The DMT and Data Representatives at each institution will increase efforts to assist researchers in organizing, finalizing, and documenting packages for ingest and public release under the CC-BY 4.0 license. Ingest and transfer efforts are tracked on the collaborative work management tool, Trello. Early project archived data packages and model products will be reviewed and updated to meet the metadata requirements at ESS-DIVE. The more recent submissions will have the minimum reporting formats applied for CSV Structure and File-level Metadata and, as appropriate, Model Data and UAS.

The DMT plans for a transition to ingesting data packages and model products directly with ESS-DIVE prior to the close out while continuing to assist project researchers in the ingest process and maintaining the project archive of the metadata and data. This change in submission workflow will need to be well thought-out and shared with the project team.

Data will be available in the ESS-DIVE data portal and the customized NGEE-Arctic archive data portal on the ESS-DIVE site and the NGEE-Arctic website. Throughout the close out, the DMT will be working collaboratively and seeking guidance from ESS-DIVE staff in resolving technical issues, transfer and publishing workflows, and in updating packages to meet repository guidelines and requirements. The DMT and ESS-DIVE are also working closely with Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) staff on the process of transferring the “releasing official” role from NGEE-Arctic to ESS-DIVE for Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and updating the DOI records to reflect necessary changes.